Zip & Dash Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt to meet Christina Milian

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are the one who likes the combination of the cars and the adventure then, here is someting big for you from Kia. Kia is out with the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt for the promotion of the Kia Rio. The car used in the Rio Scavenger Hunt is a 5-door model of the Kia Rio. You can know more about the Kia Rio on the official  Rio Explorer Page . 


Rio Scavenger Hunt would be a great experience for any adventure lover. In this amazing geocahe event, two pair of friends will be travelling to LA in the Kia Rio 5-door to meet Christina Milian. Well, what can be better than to travel in a great car with your best friend to meet your favourite celebrity? I would love to be the part of this amazing experience too.
There are total of challenges which contestants have to solve in order to complete the challenge and meet Christina Milian. The five challenges and clues to them are hidden at the five different locations which contestants have to visit. They locations and the challenges are -
1. The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round - Use cubes to answer the L.A. trivia questions
2. Amoeba Records - Find the hidden CD of Christina Milian
3. Rodeo Drive - Count the exact number of palm trees on the street
4. Pink's Hot Dog - Finish the meal and clean the plate to find the clue
5. The Roosevelt Hotel - Race to the penthouse to meet Christina Milian
I think, the most difficult challenge for the contestants will be finding the hidden Christina Milian CD. But hope Kia Rio and the amazing features in it like Bluetooth, USB jack connectivity, navigation, rear camera display etc. will make their journey a smooth one. Well, I would just love to have the rear camera display. It will help me much in having a safe parking.

To know more about the technologies used in the Kia Rio, you can visit the UVO Technology page. Also, feel free to watch the video given below about the Rio Scavenger Hunt and share your views about it in the comments section.

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