Presidential Castration : Multinational Corporations

Presidential Castration : Multinational Corporations

Band : Presidential Castration (DEMO)

Song : Multinational Corporations

Watch Presidential Castration (DEMO) : Multinational Corporations

Lyrics - Presidential Castration (DEMO) : Multinational Corporations

Straight to your face
You're a fucking hypocrite
Feed us your lies
Well you're full of shit

Blood of the peope
Smeared on your face
Joke of a leader
You're a fucking disgrace

To the people of this nation
Educate yourselves
Whatever race or religion
We must unite to fight

Castrate this bastard
Castrate this bastard

Reject these politicians
They're all criminals
Money-grabbing mafiosos
Pockets lined with funds

Stolen from us
Stolen from us

Roti kapra makaan
Whatever became of that
But the time has come now
To burn these rats


the cause of life,now unseen
to human eyes,for we deserve it not
the cause of death,stands before us
for we have brought it upon ourselves
munitions for a new war
to end all there is
like flames to a moth
we shall rot

the vermin that's eating us alive
leaving trails of blood and rotting flesh for our youth to feed on
what side are you on?who do you blame?is that really the question?
how can you face your own self?take the shotgun out of your face and ask yourself
will you really pull the trigger?

government...munching,guzzling down your souls
yet you stick to the box in the corner of your lounge,looking mindlessly right into it
as your lefe force parts from your..decomposing temple
religious fanatics,racial..pigs
setting down the rules for you
you have the book in your hand yet you choose their ways
walking their walk
bullshit promoting propaganda and violence,so biased,you wont know whose side youre on

our leaders take your rights away from you
pissing in our mouths
yet you still vote for them

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