ATIF ASLAM - Americans Should See The Brighter Side Of Pakistan”

Folks at Dawn Images got to catch up with the two mainstream members of the peace through music project, Atif Aslam and Lanny Cordola. They revealed interesting facts about the on-going ventures in the project and what could we expect from it in the coming years.

When Atif Aslam was asked about the core idea of the project, he said

It’s about how the Americans should see the brighter side of Pakistan which they haven’t as yet. This is why it’s called Peace through Music. The point of teaming up with American musicians was that there was no better way than that of music to let people from both the sides know what either of them thinks about the other. It’s not just going to be single song; it will be a documentary, a DVD that’ll include the backstage footage of the performances, studio shoots, etc. We will come up with new seasons every year.

With this project, Atif looks forward to improving the image of Pakistan in the west. That said, the project is making quite a lot of waves in Pakistan, but to accomplish what he wants, there should be even better marketing and distribution of the project in west.

Lanny also believes deeply in the power of project. He said

I believe to the depths of my being that this project will have a major impact on helping to bring about the transformation of Pakistan and America as well for that matter. Music is the healing force of the universe and we have the story which we have to tell. There is so much light in Pakistan, so much hope, so many angels, so many incredible sights and sounds.

Atif also revelased some interesting information about the songs which are part of the project

I have recorded a couple of songs. One is in Punjabi and another one is called Pakistan. Then there is a beautiful melody, Dreamer Awakes, by Lanny Cordola that I will sing with different famous musicians and artistes. The songs that I have recently composed are the English track Adam’s Coming out of Heaven and the Punjabi Ek Mein Ek Tu. We probably plan to launch it by the end of next year.

Atif also said that they intend to release this season-vise but again, that depends on the response of the first season. Lanny and Atif have already talked to some more international artists like Coldplay, U2 and John Mayer and plan to take them on board soon.

[Via Dawn Images]

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