“Pakistan Cricket Needs Overhauling” : BILAL MAQSOOD (STRINGS)

BILAL MAQSOOD, the guitaristand the vocalist of the band STRINGS, shared his views on the issue of cricket match fixing involving Pakistani cricketers.

"Even if the Pakistani team is proven not guilty, which seems very unlikely at the moment, we all know that they all are a bunch of shady people who play only for themselves. Their punishment should be exemplary.

In spite of losing, God knows how many matches in a row, they get half a million each from the PCB for winning the Oval test match.

Question: Aren’t these guys paid money to play and win? Some of them get up to 800,000 rupees per test match. So why pay them extra for doing what they are supposed to do? Or….were they paid their cut for losing the first two? Hmmm?

Look what’s happening in Pakistan. On one hand we are begging the world for money and on the other hand we are throwing away money as if we own the World Bank. 500,000 to each playing team member and 250,000 to non-playing at the Oval test. Why? Everything seems like a big scam. Well, it has to end now.

PCB and the Pakistan cricket team need overhauling. I’m sure most of you will agree that there should be no international cricket at all for the next two years in Pakistan. As it is no team wants to come to Pakistan, so why do we need to travel such long distances only to get humiliated?

Suggestion: For the next two years we should just train a fresh new lot. Nurture them mentally, physically and socially under the supervision of a brand new PCB. PCB free of any old baggage. No Ex cricketers, no ex PCB’eers.

To find the right people for PCB I suggest four people who I think are the best in what they do and are devoted and passionate Pakistanis too. They are normal people like us and do not have any political connection or agenda. These people should hunt for the right office for the new Pakistani team, a team that will emerge from first class cricket and other cricket workshops in the next two years. These four are Mr. Sarfaraz Rehman (CEO Engro Foods), Mr. Khalid Alvi (Vice President ICI), Mr. Asad Jaffer (CEO Philips Pakistan) and Mujahid Hamid (Ex-Chairman Lever Brothers China).

They should sit down, brainstorm, and find the right people for PCB. Then very quickly PCB should take up the task of finding the most talented young cricketers. These young boys should be taught social etiquettes, art of communication and leadership, patience and planning and above all should be injected with an ultimate sense of patriotism. They should be like robots with human emotions.

After two years or three, no matter how much time this overhauling takes, when these boys step out into the ground for the first time, our entire nation will stand together to support them. Till then, please no cricket."

Source : InStep Today



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