Faraz Anwar was supposed to work on the project “The Dreamer Awakes”

FARAZ ANWAR stated in his Facebook status that Guns N’ Roses and Faraz Anwar were supposed to work on the project The Dreamer Awakes. The peace through music project which is now in the hands of Atif Aslam was supposed to be in Faraz’ hands.

He was completely furious about the project he started as he has been cut off without even giving him any credit. FARAZ ANWAR added, “Some people take information from you and cut you off from something you started without even giving you credit.”

Atif Aslam who is now collaborating with popular American rock band, Guns N’ Roses and is the face of the ‘Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project‘, was chosen by the musician turned humanitarian Todd Shea. Atif Aslam says, “Todd mentioned my voice being the main reason why he chose me the face of the project. After listening to me, he became a fan and then he started researching on me and found out that this guy is famous.”



Todd Shea,  May 5, 2012 at 1:07 PM  

Faraz Anwar never got "cut off" from "The Dreamer Awakes" project and will never receive ANY credit for the project because he was never part of the project in the first place. I came up with the idea for Sonic Peacemakers in 2009 and had never even heard of Faraz Anwar until he told the media that we stole his project and didn’t give him any credit. I was informed that Faraz had wanted to collaborate with Slash and did contact Lanny Cordola regarding this but nothing ever materialized, and the HUGE difference in his ambitions and the ambitions that Lanny and I have are that while Faraz wanted to collaborate with Slash for his own  fame and glory, Lanny also envisioned what was to become Sonic Peacemakers and we made it happen together and started Sonic Peacemakers to give a voice to voiceless children in Pakistan, and collaborations between American and Pakistani artists are simply one of the ways we are making this happen. It's all about the kids. We've done some of our best work in remote and disaster affected areas like Thatta, where no big stars were anywhere in sight. So Faraz seriously needs to grow up and stop spreading this bunk- he may be a wonderful musician but he is only hurting himself by talking bs and making defamatory statements about people he doesn’t even know. Lanny Cordola and I set up the recordings with ex-member of GnR and brought Atif to New York and Atif performed with Lanny, Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver and the GnR lineup from the Use Your Illusion Album and Tour (except for Axyl Rose) Slash, Duff McKagan, Gilby Clarke and Matt Sorum. If Faraz had introduced himself to me, showed me some of his music and acted like a gentleman, then who knows- maybe he would have been invited to be a part of the project. But we don’t just want good musicians- we want musicians who understand and believe in the concept of Sonic Peacemakers to erase misconceptions, bring Pakistan’s great talent to the international scene and provide support and love to Pakistan’s most vulnerable children.

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