ReVolt have released their new song “Birth” from their upcoming album “Seasons of Oblivion” which will be released in October hopefully through their record label Animatix Records after their video release. The song was released on the Metal Asia Compilation as well.

To download BIRTH by REVOLT, click on the link given below



Choose our demise!

Choose our demise distort our mind breed
Purchase our moral from cradle to grave
Second your verdict control dire
cross no bounderies claim that its your right
We r born for u control these toys
Direct our lives like your militia
Oblige your verdict like we have a choice
From birth we breath think as u sway

More of us will be produced
For your integral absolution
Abstention is not an option
Reason why we cry at birth

Is it anger or is it jealousy?
Direction of the soil doesnt concur
Your carnage of our free will
That explains crucifix

Stalk our minds classify senses
Weaken our urge to visualize
Bang Bang our emotions
Presentation,sensational rivulet

Our conscience has been framed
Deprived of our rights
Pointless social outcasts
Have been duped since birth!

Marked dicey!
And then i came in this world(Celebrated my birth)
This court that i came to(unjust)
Biased by regulation!
Eternal defect in my mind(corrupted with your lies)
Birth of a fellow being(eyes closed)
Open them!
Reason why we cry at birth(birth of a fellow being)
urging to our demise
Thats Why I Cried At birth!

Why cry my son?(i am all alone)
Limited by(this anomaly)
I cant be what u(wanted me to be)
Controlled by myself(defection inside)

Follow my son(to your destiny)
Based on these facts(You will never feel)
Innocent being(you have been born)
You will become(Like all these fiends)

Dark light from the sky shinning
Brightly directing our fate to
Clouds roaring mist blinding me from
Belief that i cant control my Demise!



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