HAATH UTHAO : ATIF ASLAM (Song For Flood Victims)

ATIF ASLAM performed and recorded the song HAATH UTHAO at the time of last TSUNAMI and released it too. And now again, the very same song HAATH UTHAO is released at the time of Pakistan flood as the appeal to help the victims from ATIF ASLAM.

Watch HAATH UTHAO : ATIF ASLAM (Song For Flood Victims)

Click Here To Watch Pictures Of ATIF ASLAM At Charsada Peshawar Flood Relief Camp

ATIF ASLAM's message to his fans

Dear fans ~

Hope u r thinking about the contribution towards the flood victims and doing the best u can. My advice ~ Please go by yourself , send ur relatives , friends or anyone and have a look at what is this NATION going through as sitting at home and talking about relief camps wont do much .

If u guys want any sort ov information or help regarding supplies or anything related to victims u can write us at youth@aadeez.com and we will let u know every possible detail we can.

The pictures u can see are from charsada peshawar and although the flood has passed away but it has left behind its devastation and the magnitude ov it is just starting to reveal the catastrophe it has created. No doubt this is much much bigger than tsunami. I saw the dead out ov their graves while i was there looking at them but could do nothing. The kids didnt even know where they use to play. They have lost their loved ones and can do nothing about it , sadly but certainly they are waiting for someone to hold their hand n give them strength to live.

MY apologies for not writing anything at the independence day but i think going up there n helping the victims was a better deal rather than sitting here, talking about PAKISTAN's independence.



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