TERE BIN LADEN Banned In Pakistan

Tere Bin Laden has run into trouble with the Censor Board again. High Court Pakistan has banned the release of the much awaited film ‘Tere Bin Laden’ aka ‘Tere Bin’ which stars the Prince of Pop, Ali Zafar in the lead role and deals with a bold edgy subject and problems post 9/11. Previously on the order of Censor Board, the name ‘Laden’ was dropped from Tere Bin Laden in Pakistan as a precautionary measure and now considering the kind of tensions surrounding Pakistan, the release of the film in Pakistan has been banned. The Board claimed that the film has been banned to protect the people of Pakistan from any unexpected, unpleasant consequences carried out by extremist elements.

According to newspapers across the border, the makers of the film have also received an anonymous letter threatening them with dire consequences if it is released. But according to the makers, the letter was not from Al-Qaeda, because it accuses the makers of supporting Osama Bin Laden and terrorism, making one smell the Shiv Sena rat.

Ali Zafar also told the Indian Press that “it is a satire and does not hurt anyone’s ideology.” But now the the Pakistani Censor Board has banned the release of the film claiming that if even a few people find the film offensive, the cinemas might be damaged and people hurt and said that potential danger must be prevented. Of course it must, because the government can provide absolutely no law and order to its people, especially for a movie.

Apparently the film is going to the third tier of the Censor Board but no one is hopeful they’ll reverse the decision but miracles do happen.

The makers of Tere Bin Laden were also releasing the film globally, except U.S.A. because the American distributor of the film felt that Tere Bin Laden has the potential to go beyond the Indian diaspora, penetrating into the American market due to Osama Bin Laden. Hence, the makers decided to release the film everywhere, except America this Friday. Due to its ban in Pakistan, the film will now open only in places like U.K., India and Australia and other international territories in Phase I this Friday, while America will see a Phase II release, after the makers study the business in various markets in its first round.

Now one wonders what would be the box-office result of this small-budget film which has been banned in Pakistan, is not releasing in the U.S.A and is getting threats for its release in India.

See what Ali Zafar has to say about the ban:



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