METAL ASIA Compilation

When Metal music in the Middle East Is mentioned, it normally brings surprise and disbelief. Little do people know, the Middle East has a growing scene of music. Not the usual Bollywood, but Metal.

A roster named Metal Asia are working on bringing out one of the best compilations coming out of the Asia Region to support the metal scene and metal bands from the Middle East including the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Vengeance Music (Pakistan) and The Flaming Skull Podcast (India) in collaboration with, heavy metal tribune and has come together to put out a wonderful compilation in which some amazing bands from this continent will be featured. The Compilation will be a digital download and would be free for all !!!
This isn’t a lone project; it has recruited an army of support. Labels and Ezines that are supporting include Road Crew Records, Vengeance Music, Jorzine, Metality, Brutalism, The Muzic World and many more.

The latest bands that have been announced to be featured on this compilation are:

From Pakistan:

1. Sacrament (Karachi, Pakistan)
2. Revolt (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
3. Mob Rulz (Karachi, Pakistan)
4. Era Of Deception (Pakistan)
5. Nokturnal Rust (Karachi, Pakistan)
6. Dreamled (Islamabad, Pakistan)
7. Project X (Pakistan)
8. Qayaas (Islamabad, Pakistan)
9. Black Skull (Islamabad, Pakistan)
10. Black Warrant (Islamabad, Pakistan)

From the Middle East:

1. Bilocate (Fuhies, Jordan)
2. Kimaera (Lebanon)
3. Universal Rogue (Dubai UAE)
4. Chaos (Nasrath Israel)
5. Destiny In Chains (Cairo Egypt)
6. A Short Of Adrenaline (Dubai UAE)
7. Obselion (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
8. Exile (Amman,Jordan )
9. Benevolent (Lebanon )
10. The Crow Murder (Dubai UAE)
11. Dept (Kuwait)
12. Voice of the Soul (Kuwait)
13. TristMoon (Beirut,Lebanon)
14. SoulBleed (Amman,Jordan)

From India:

1. Rat King (Calicut / Chennai, India)
2. Blind Image (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)
3. Escher’s Knot (Tamil Nadu, India)
4. Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
5. Devoid (Navi Mumbai)
6. Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai – India)
7. Undying Inc (New Delhi, Delhi, India)
8. Third Sovereign (Delhi,India)
9. Infernal Wrath (India)
10. Corroded Dreams (India)

From Bangladesh:

1. Satanik (Bangladesh)
2. GenE-SpliT (Bangladesh)
3. Powersurge (Bangladesh)
4. Grimorium Verum (Bangladesh)

From Singapore:

1. Rudra
2. Xanadoo
3. Draconis Infernum

From Thailand:

1. Dei Tetra

There are more to be announced.

This compilation will be FREE of cost and will be available for download soon.



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