Give Tere Bin Laden’ a chance, says Ali Zafar
At a press conference held in Karachi on Thursday evening, Ali Zafar said, “I directly appeal to the President and the Prime Minister to consider this issue and let the film be screened in Pakistan. If there is a security risk, by that standard we should stop going to mosques, or to schools or anything else. We cannot stop life. It is a 95-minute peace tape and a pro-Pakistan film, and this will generate business for our cinemas.”
Ali Zafar said, “The movie does not contain any controversial material, vulgarity or derogatory remarks against the Pakistani law enforcement agencies or Osama Bin Laden as it is being blamed, and rather it is a pro-Pakistan movie.”

The musician highlighted that pirated DVDs of Tere Bin are being openly sold in markets, and that the film is being shown on cable TV channels as well. He waved the pirated DVD and said, “I want you to go watch the film and make a decision yourself.” “If someone wants to legally show a film, they cannot, this piracy is chor bazari.”

“I deserve to fight for this film,” Ali Zafar  told journalists. “It is key to show this film in Pakistan because the international media has picked this up as an issue and is saying that ‘Pakistan has limited freedom of expression’ and ‘Pakistan has given into security fears’. If we want to progress then we need to take a stance. We have not been able to create icons in this country because there is no system.”
“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s idea or philosophy… two years back when I was offered this movie, I went through its script and found that it was a comedy film without any controversy so I decided to do it.”
“People watched it and praised it, then why is it banned here?,” he questioned.
“Give the movie a chance and let the people decide”, he remarked.
“Mumbai has managed to achieve a positive image for India through movies on a global level, and if we want to attain the same kind of success, we will have to take some initiatives. Banning movies over ridiculous reasons will finish the creativity among us,” he said.
While he has said that he will accept whatever decision the government makes, he does not see any hope for the government changing its stance on the film’s release.

Watch the video of ALI ZAFAR's press conference



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