WAJOOD HAI MERA - WAJOOD (Download Full Album)

WAJOOD released their debut album WAJOOD HAI MERA few days back. Earlier WAJOOD released few singles and received nice reviews for them specially for their song for MOTHER'SA DAY. WAJOOD's debut album is also getting popularity and you can download the songs of WAJOOD HAI MERA of WAJOOD from THE MUZIC WORLD.

To download the songs of the album WAJOOD HAI MERA of WAJOOD, click on the links given below. To listen the song, click on the blue PLAY button.

Artist: Wajood
Album: Wajood Hai Mera
Genre: New Age
Year: 2010

01 - Gar Bhuloon Tujhe( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
02 - Wajood Hai Mera ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
03 - Aisee Lagee ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
04 - Meri Dunya ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
05 - Gaye Hoa Tum ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
06 - Tamanna Meri ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
07 - Dekhay Jahan ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
09 - Jo Main Atka (Taraytaray) ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )
10 - Gaye Ho Tum (Acoustic) ( WAJOOD - WAJOOD HAI MERA )



Anonymous,  October 22, 2010 at 3:54 PM  

last week our class held a similar talk on this topic and you point out something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Kris

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