Unseen Underground Pub Fest 2010

After the great success of Unseen Underground Pub Fests last year & Ragnarok'09 , Unseen Underground is planning to organize 40 pub shows this year in 6 cities -Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore , Hyderabad , Kolkata & Guwahati , giving equal opportunity to more than 100 upcoming bands from across the country . Interested bands can send their entries to unseenunderground@gmail.com

The plan is to have the shows as follows throughout the year 

Delhi: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from May 2010)

Bangalore: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from June 2010)

Hyderabad: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from June 2010)

Kolkata: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from May 2010)

Guwahati: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from June 2010)

Chennai: 10 shows (Monthly starting from May2010).

The 1st show of this series is scheduled on 2nd May in Chennai @ Geoffrey's Pub, featuring bands:
Franks Got The Funk (Chennai), Spitfire (Bangalore), Escher’s Knot (Chennai) & Blind Image (Chennai)

Date: 2nd May '2010 (Sunday)

Venue: Geoffrey's Pub , 
       RADHA REGENT, # 171, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai.
       Arumbakkam, Chennai-106

Time: 7 pm onwards   

For more details of the show mail us at unseenunderground@gmail.com Or call Nicky – 9380560142

Details of the bands particiapting on the 1st gig

Spitfire ( Bangalore)


Spitfire is a Bangalore based Heavy Metal/Melodic Death Metal band.Thoughts of forming a band were laid when Vibhas and Suhas wanted to jam to get their minds of the board-exam tension. But nothing happened as the tension grew. The idea was brought back when they recruited Charan and Akhilesh to take-over vocals and bass respectively. Spitfire had their first Jam in the month of July '05, and played their first gig at the August Sunday Jam followed by Freedom Jam '05.August 07 welcomed some lineup changes in the form of Akhilesh being replaced by Vicky and the inclusion of Ashutosh on guitars(now excluded). Since then they've been playing every show they possibly can. Spitfire is planning to hit the studios when they can afford it(funding and donations welcome).Their sound is a mixture of Metal-core with death metal, Nu metal, and experimenting a little within the boundaries of metal.
Influence :
Lamb Of God, Devildriver,As I Lay Dying,God Forbid ,Slipknot to Tool, Deftones, Arch Enemy, Sentenced, Nevermore, Soulfly to In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Death,Quo Vadis, Five Pointe 0, Dark Tranquility, Cynic, Bullet for my Valentine, Messhugah, Megadeth and Morbid Angel 

Line Up :

Escher’s Knot (Chennai)

Escher’s Knot
is a Technical Metal outfit from Chennai formed in July 2009. The band consists of Abijith (Ston’d) on vocals, Anshuman (ex-IIIrd Sovereign) on guitars, Madhav (Theorized) on bass and Manu (Blood & Iron) on drums. With influences ranging from Tool to Textures to Decapitated, the band caters to a unique blend of technical riffing and drumming, heavy bass lines and growls and screeches. Being one of the few metal bands to have cropped up in Chennai, the band has carried the mantle quite well with frequent pub gigs and outstation shows more recently. Despite their recent beginnings, the band has had considerable success come their way including being the winners of Unwind Center’s Underground Battle Of The Bands - grabbing all individual prizes, and making it to the Mood Indigo South Finals. The chance to open for Textures and Amon Amarth at the Deccan Rock Fest in Bangalore was narrowly missed by just 3 points. January 2010 marked a terrific start to the year with the band winning the Let People Live concert and subsequently finishing first (and with Manu picking up Best Drummer) in Decibels – the semi-pro event at IIT-Chennai’s fest Saarang. This gave them the opportunity to open for Swedish powerhouse HammerFall. The band is currently working on new material and plan to release an EP sometime early this year.

Influence :
Textures,Martyr,Meshuggah,Ion Dissonance,Anamolous,Animal as leaders,Cynic, Karnivool ,Oblige, Decapitated
Line Up:

Abijith - Vocals
Anshuman - Guitars
Madhav - Bass
Manu – Drums


Blind Image is a Contemporary/Thrash/ Groove Metal band from Chennai. They came out with their first self produced album titled "Psychobabble" on June 2008,which was launched in Unseen Underground Pub Fest-II.The band has released their second album "More than human"at unseen Underground Pub Fest-V on 15th November’09. They are ready with few more new compositions to

Sikth, Lamb of god, Slipknot, Unearth, Meshuggah, Texture, Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Mastodon, etc

Line up:
David - Vocals
Shri -Guitar
Siddharth - Guitar
Muneeb - Bass
Krishna - Drums



Franks Got The Funk ( Chennai)

Biography :
Franks Got The Funk
is a Chennai based Funkjazz \ Psy \ Rock band. Within a short period of time they have achieved lot of awards for their talent. They are the winner of Underground 09 acoustic ,with best vocalist and instrumentalist. The band was placed 2nd @ IIT Saarang Powerchords 2010 with best drummer and bassy . They are the winners of Chennai live Acoustic competition & winners of MCC Deepwoods 2010 with best drummer , guitarist and Best song “ Franks Got The Funk” . They are alos Winners of Techofest 2010 with best vocalist , drummer , bassy and keyboardist titles . The band will be featured for the first time in Unseen Underground show.

Influence :
Dave Matthews Band , John Mayer , Red Hot Chilly Pepper , Radiohead , Audioslave, Incubus , Muse , Jamiroquai , Jazzson Miraz , Norah Jones , Belafleck and The Flecktones, Infected Mushroom , Stevie Wonder, T-Bone , Rage , Mute Math , Karl Jenkins . 

Line Up :
Bjorn Surrao - guitar/vocals
Satya - bass
Shivraj - drums
Vikram – keyboards

www.reverbnation.com/franksgotthefunkInfluence :
Dave Matthews Band , John Mayer , Red Hot Chilly Pepper , Radiohead , Audioslave, Incubus , Muse , Jamiroquai , Jazzson Miraz , Norah Jones , Belafleck and The Flecktones, Infected Mushroom , Stevie Wonder, T-Bone , Rage , Mute Math , Karl Jenkins . 

Line Up :
Bjorn Surrao - guitar/vocals
Satya - bass
Shivraj - drums
Vikram – keyboards




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