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JAl Get Overshadowed By SALEEM JAVED

It isn’t often that someone in Pakistan can say that they had the opportunity to see Jal live! That is not all that surprising since they seem to perform most of their shows in India to large audiences craving live acts. A vast majority of India’s music consists of playback singers for their massive film industry. When live acts like Jal, Ali Azmat or Atif Aslam perform there they do so to sell-out crowds.

That’s why when we heard that Jal was performing at a corporate event in Karachi, which is more unlikely as they are Lahore-based, we jumped at the chance to see them strum their guitars and belt their voices out on stage. Taking place at the Pearl Continental Hotel (not exactly the ideal place for pop-rock concerts), the hosts were holding a musical evening for their crew and clients.

The evening’s MC was Kashif Khan, famous Pakistani comedian who now also tours India, more specifically Mumbai. While he brought a serious, seated audience some comedic relief, telling jokes about the Indian Premier League and their Bollywood stars, he also introduced the night’s musical guests.

Opening for Jal was one Saleem Javed. Yes, the same ‘bhangra-pop’ star, kitted in Kanye’s gear (as per his ever evolving look, does anyone remember his ’80s mullet?), riling an audience which seem to consist of some avid fans of Pushto tunes. His rendition of ‘Bibi Shirin’ roused the audience into dance-floor frenzy.

After he was done exciting the audience, Kashif Khan again took to the stage to tell a couple more of his jokes and introduce Jal. In retrospect he should have taken as little time as possible to do this as it was getting late and the audience was getting thinner.

By the time the band graced the stage their manager had seen the numbers dwindle and the dissatisfaction on his face was evident as he probably, and rightfully, would have wanted a larger audience for Jal. To their credit though Jal had come to perform, which they did with smiles and enthusiasm, at least from Gohar and Farhan as Shazi seemed a little wooden. The boys from Jal came on as they probably would on any other night, in their rock attire. Gohar Mumtaz in a jeans, shirt and blazer seemed the most casually dressed for the night and while Farhan Saeed wore a sparkly t-shirt with shades (that for some reason seem mandatory for most performers here; Saleem Javed even had them) it was Shazi who stood out. The least talkative and expressive out of the trio seemed to be giving out the loudest message. He walked on stage wearing an outfit that can only be justified if The Terminator and Neo from The Matrix were his stylists. For a well built guy, he was wearing a tight fitted overcoat (which went down to his heels), what looked like a wife-beater underneath, jeans from the ’80s and boots from the wild west.

Clothing aside it was refreshing to see that they were determined to go out on stage and churn out tunes, while having fun amidst themselves despite the crowd a little less than warm. Even though they were applauded before and after their performance, it was during it in which two members of the audience seemed caught in Saleem Javed’s trance.

One shouted out loud with a request for Pashto songs while another bemused member asked Gohar to ‘play’ the guitar. While the first request seemed to be genuine, it was the second gentleman who was trying to irk the band, or at least Gohar. Much to his credit, Gohar smiled at the man and delivered his request in the very next song when he broke out into a small solo. Quite what the man was listening to till that point was anyone’s guess as their performance was heavy on the guitar and drums.

Jal, who had opened with ‘Rangon Mein’, performed all their usual hits such as ‘Woh Lamhey’, ‘Sajni’ and closed with ‘Aadat’, also performed a couple of covers. Their version of ‘Lal Meri Pat’ was perhaps one of the poorer ones out there, but their rendition of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan classic was more pleasing to the ears.

Overall their performance was forgettable and not one that sticks out in one’s memory. The fact is that even though the audience was small they managed to have fun amongst themselves, which means that their egos haven’t yet gotten the better of them, as there are some artists in Pakistan who would refuse to perform to such an audience. Gohar still bounced around on stage with a consistent smile on his face, Farhan sang to an audience which was craving dance numbers rather than a solid rock performance. Shazi, who was robotic for most of the night, even managed to turn around and have a little moment with Gohar.

Worthy of mention are their session musicians who played brilliantly to back up the band. Their enthusiasm was highlighted towards the end as the rhythm guitarist burst into a solo which took me by surprise, if not the audience. What can be surmised is that Jal needs to play to a packed house so that one can truly tell if they are crowd pleasers and good performers. One would think that they wouldn’t be performing beyond our borders if they weren’t.






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ADAM LAMBERT Helps American Idol Top 9 Honor the King

It was a do-over night for American Idol's top nine.

With the group intact because the judges opted to save Michael Lynche from elimination last week, the finalists took the stage to sing Elvis Presley tunes knowing full well that two of them are leaving tomorrow, no matter how much the Decider, Simon Cowell, might like them.

Helping them get their acts together this week was Adam Lambert, who was in their shoes just one year ago (and, like latter-day Elvis, has a fondness for leather) and is the first former contestant to be asked to return as a mentor.

But while the top nine seemed to take their meetings with Glambert in stride, none other than Ryan Seacrest tripped over his words, ultimately complimenting the scene-stealing Idol runner-up on his talented tongue. "You know, your singing," Ryan quickly added.

"My mission is to be completely honest, but constructive," Adam said going into Tuesday's show. "So hopefully they take that spirit of Elvis Presley and they inject that into these songs, and they give you something to listen to, to look at and to feel."

Well, these nine aren't exactly you, Adam, but at least they tried their best…

Crystal Bowersox: Well, she's the closest to Adam in terms of raw talent, at least. And tonight, her performance was more than good enough to propel her into the top seven. "Saved" certainly isn't one of Elvis' best-known songs, but she added electric guitar and her usual Joplinesque vocal theatrics to turn the 40-year-old ditty into a cool, bluesy experience. "I'm so tired of telling you how great you are, so I'm going to use this time to ask, 'Are there any birthdays in the audience?'" joked big fan Ellen DeGeneres. Simon loved that she didn't choose an obvious song and instead went with one that meant something to her. (He usually doesn't like that at all, but Crystal's a special—i.e. talented—case.)

Andrew Garcia: We understand. There are some voting issues going on over on Dancing With the Stars, too. But Michael should not have been the viewers' choice to go home last week, especially when Andrew keeps turning in the weakest arrangements of the bunch. Adam Lambert warned him that his version of "Hound Dog" was boring, and Andrew should have listened. "I didn't get it at all," lamented Randy Jackson. "Lazy and predictable," Simon called it. Ellen was his sole defender, though even she wished he had brought more "swagger" to the performance. (Well, here's hoping Andrew got a chance to consult with Justin Bieber when the 15-year-old swung through.)

Tim Urban: The 20-year-old doesn't have a rich enough sound to coat one's heart in a warm, fuzzy blanket with "Can't Help Falling in Love" the way Elvis did. But Tim offered up an interesting acoustic version that better suited his reedy voice, achieving a totally believable indie sound. (Or the "singer-songwriter" style, as the judges call it.) Ellen couldn't help falling in love, yada-yada-yada; Kara said it was her "favorite Tim performance ever"; and Simon noted that he's gone "from zero to hero in two weeks."

Lee Dewyze: Now his voice, on the other hand, sounded layered and seasoned beyond his years on "A Little Less Conversation." Lee rocked the song, which everyone knows better today because of the hour-long remix, to perfection. All the judges loved it, though Kara, interestingly enough, wanted him to be "more playful" and a little less "errrgh." "What do you want, kittens?" Simon countered. "It's about nailing the song, full stop." Which Lee did.

Aaron Kelly: They tell Aaron to switch it up from his usual ballads and he chooses "Blue Suede Shoes"? OK, sure, do one of Elvis' most identifiable songs, which only really works with the King's signature snarl (or Carl Perkins' rockabilly guitar). Well, Aaron did a perfectly serviceable Uncle-Jesse-on-Full-House version, but we doubt it won him any new fans. It wasn't "wrong in every possible way," as the 16-year-old predicted before going onstage, but it definitely wasn't right. Kara thought being out of his comfort zone gave him a nice, growly edge, but Simon thought it did the exact opposite. "Wasn't crazy about it, sorry," the Brit said shortly.

Siobhan Magnus: She drew comparisons to Adam Lambert when she let loose with "Paint It Black" a few weeks ago, but Siobhan's been hanging out in wild card purgatory for awhile now. She had some major pitch issues tonight on "Suspicious Minds," but at least the interesting arrangement allowed her voice to extend in multiple directions—country-tinged melody, belting high notes, booming low notes, screams, etc. Kara, however, said that the chameleonic chanteuse's "two voices" were beginning to confuse her, and Simon also said she was losing herself in the process. To which Siobhan responded, getting another round of applause from Ellen: "Even I can't pinpoint who or what I am, and I've always taken pride in that."

Michael Lynche: Talk about pressure. Saved from the chopping block last week, Michael set out to prove himself all over again with "In the Ghetto," covered excellently by Taylor Hicks in season five. Well, guess what? This was even better. Michael sat on the edge of the stage, strumming his guitar sparingly against a piano backdrop, and served up a more current R&B version of the 1969 rpm single. Idol was only 90 minutes long to make way for the midseason premiere of Glee(!), so the judges were running out of time and only took about 10 seconds to critique him. "I'm glad we saved you," Ellen said. "Terrific choice of song, congratulations," concluded Simon. And…we're clear.

Katie Stevens: The 17-year-old managed to be sexy with her torch-song take on "Baby, What You Want Me to Do." The horn-heavy arrangement was a bit on the old-fashioned side, but her vocal was quite lovely. "Katie's getting a little sassy, letting all the vibes out!" exclaimed Randy, who called the performance "entertaining." "That's a very horny song," Ellen quipped, then going on to clarify her statement no less than four times. "Look, for me, I found it very loud, a bit annoying," shrugged Simon. But "they liked it," he added, gesturing to the audience, "so it doesn't matter what I think."

Casey James: It's not easy to make a less-known tune penned in 1952 and covered by Elvis in 1956 sound current…and Casey didn't quite pull it off with "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." He kicked things off with a sexy growl, standing right in the middle of an adoring circle of young ladies, but then the performance devolved into bar-room blues shtick. It sounded perfectly good, but not that interesting. Randy and Ellen thought it a solid Casey performance, but it "fell short" for Kara, and Simon considered Elvis night a "wasted opportunity" for the 27-year-old rocker.

Two of these hopefuls will be kicked off the show Wednesday night, following a couple of songs from Adam Lambert, natch.

Who deserves to go and who should stay? And could Ryan be any more cute when he says dopey stuff? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.



JUSTIN BIEBER, the teen sperstar, who is creatimng waves among young teens all over the world was caught in camera doing some great stuffs on dock. Watch the video of JUSTIN BIEBER here doing some nice tricks on his board.




ALI HAMZA of NOORI, just released a single SUB KEH DO, for the second anniversary of ZONG. The video of the song SUB KEH DO is directed by Saqib Malik.

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UZAIR JASWAL is back with his third single NINDIYA KE PAAR, after the huge success of his previous singles SAU JA (Acoustic) and YAHEEN.

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aao chalain…
aao chalain…
aao chalain…
aao chalain nindiya ke paar
aao chalain sochon ke paar

koi sunta nahi hai
teri aankhoon ke toottay woh khawab
aao chalain un khawaboon ke paar
aao chalain un yaadoon ke paar

koi jaanay nahi hai
khali ankhain khali yeh makaan
aao bhula dein woh pyaar
aao mitta dein woh nishaan

saayoon se lipaat ke so jaien

OoooOoooo….hooooo aaao aaaj

aaao chalain aaj
aaao chalain aaj



ATIF ASLAM Is Getting Engaged

Seems like this is the season of marriage of celebrities in Pakistan... Earlier two of the most good looking singers of Pakistan, ALI ZAFAR and SHEHZAD ROY got married. And now, the next guy in the queue is ATIF ASLAM. Recently On Azfar Mani Show with guest Savera Nadeem claimed Atif Aslam is getting engaged, they said something is happening and the girl is well known actress and model too..... Hope that soon we will get this good news officailly from ATIF ASLAM too.



Bring Home ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS : The Squeakquel

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GOHAR MUMTAZ Launches GM Studios

Soon after Farhan launched his cafe’ rock, Goher Mumtaz from Jal the Band has launched his own recording studio called “GM Studioz”. Goher believes that working for 3 years as music producer has given him enough confidence to start music production at his own studio.

Goher writes

Along with professional ambiance you will experience a luxurious interior which motivates you to give birth to great productions. The state of art sound proof jam room is designed to record professional jam sessions and is also acoustically treated to record live drums and orchestra.
Goher believes it’s his responsibility as a Pakistani musician to push Pakistani music forward to another level.

The studio is equipped with Apple MAC pro 8 core, Apple HD 30 inch monitor, Duet Apogee firewire 400 sound card, Ensemble by Apogee sound card, Yamaha HS80 (powered) monitor, Audio techinca, AKG c1000 , c 3000 (2 mics) , AKG 414 condenser mic, pre amp /compressor : Avalon 737 sp, headphone Pre amp, Microphone booth, Studio Cables : Mogami (worlds no 1 cables studio cable company) and drum recording mic kit.



Golden Time

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