Metallica v/s Pink Floyd

Legendary thrash icons Metallica are making plans to develop a new tour which will rival the scale of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.

We can easily mock some of the enormous tours undertaken by grandiose rock groups. The huge stage sets and props used during the shows have been parodied in Spinal Tap’s famous Stonehenge joke, with the English rockers gazing at a midget monument.

However Metallica are apparently planning to create their most extravangant tour to date. Manager of Metallica, Peter Mensch, recently let slip about the forthcoming epic project which would rival Pink Floyd’s massive tour ‘The Wall’.

Pink Floyd’s tour was based on the concept album of the same name and took place in 1980 and 1981. The tour saw the band build and demolish a wall each night of the performance and played alongside some custom made animations. The tour is remembered as one of the most expensive tours ever undertaken.

Aiming to beat the prog stars at their own game, Metallica’s manager had this to say to Classic Rock about the tour. "Let's just say that next year you will see a Metallica tour that will blow your mind. They will only play in 10 cities but it will be a huge undertaking. It will be Metallica's equivalent of 'The Wall'."

When Mensch was asked to define his role as manager of Metallica, he replied: "Saying something like, 'I have this idea for us to play an equivalent of 'The Wall'. So here's some ideas so we can get the professionals in so they can tell me if I'm crazy or not.'"

This new tour will of course depend on the band surviving their current jaunt. Metallica have recently caused two riots in South America, with their ‘Death Magnetic’ show in Columbia causing 160 arrests.



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