Omer Nadeem's reply to Mustafa Zahid

Hey Musti Bhaai, it’s nice chatting with you after long span of 3.5 years. This is my first time too that I am writing on any forum for my self. I believe there are some misunderstandings or you forget past time when we worked together that you are blaming such riotous things to me. Now let’s keep the truth out to the world.

I’m in music far before than you, you must have remember the time when Xulfi Bhai asked you for the songs (for album recording) and you had nothing in your hand except few lines of “Yaadein”!!!!! Then how you plead me for making songs for your album ……. Just forget it I made songs for Roxen and never claimed for that. I was 15 yrs old when I started working for you and was kid in front of you at that time that’s why you made me fool, ooopppppsss sorry……… I still respect you as my elder brother and always have good intentions for you and your band.

Now in reply of your points

1) Musti Bhai you know music is my passion and I m in music since I was just 12. I have not even helped you in your songs rather composed 5 songs of your album. I never wanted to mention but I guess you want me to disclose now. Songs were, if you forget a)Sapnay b)Chalte Rahey c)Aaj d)To phir aao e) Jag chor diya.

2) Please Musti Bhai why should I come to you people and asked about my own composition. First, I have never appeared in your jam sessions. Secondly, how come a professional band still don’t know not to play sessions in front of another composer please Musti bhai jane dein !!!!!

Thanks for wishing me good luck, let me clear you one thing MashAllah I am an ACCA student and my social circle belongs to respectable and educated friends who respect elders……hmmmm you might are receiving abusive mails from your upset fans who do not believe that Roxen can STEAL any artist’s song.

Getting attention was never my motive and the way u mentioned ahan I could have got it this way when you have launched your first album.

As you know that music is my hobby and I just got my song recorded for my friends which I have composed back in 2003. Hey for your information I have performed this song at SKANS Annual function on 26 March 2008 while as you said your show went on air in April 2008, which i have never watched.
But after hearing your teaser I really got disappointed that Roxen the big band have stolen my song. Just think how much your fan following got disappointed.

Hey talking about Hudh you said you can come up and claim it since Haider is in your band please mere bhai go for it, Since you are a Top band in Pakistan these days you can claim any Artist’s song like mine………but from inside, you know all the reality and believe me you can never hide the truth….. However in your post I got to know one new thing that Haider’s mom can also compose the songs  which I never got to know in 7-8 years I have spent with Haider.

As you said your respect is prior than fame so as a member of a Top band this doesn’t suits you to steal any other band/artist song even if other band broke up and other band member is now part of your band. People wants to listen Roxen , Roxen’s compositions not any other band’s/artist’s compositions.
Best of luck Roxen I still memorize the good time I have spent with you people you will always be my friends

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Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

ha wht crap yaar wht is this guy firstly he comes out in such fashion lyk whteva i say its true and bla bla and this tym he says BHAI to musti man kia cheez hai ye and luk at the way he says k u shul d b knwng not to jam in frnt of others 1 shouls tell him tht musti roxen considered him as a part of the faily as musti commented himself its he the 1 who borke the trust nd went out doing all this crap come on omer nadeem get a lyf.......!

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

every1 here is supporting roxen and we shud do tht but i dont know y there is 1 thought coming into my mind tht roxen has just released teaser and omer nadeem song was available full flesh on net before tht and still roxen doesnt have complete song????y is tht so????
and y THE MUSIK channel showed his song and how he can get copyrights of a song if he has stolen??? and y media has declared tht roxen has stolen omer nadeems song????

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:16 AM  

no budyy first singing was mustafa zahid on play channel which song BHIJ HAY GAYA i was listin & watch on play channel ok i have some lyric's

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:16 AM  

Frankly speaking, the fans to just steer clear of the controversy.

Time will tell who stole whose work. None of us are close enough to the band members, to know what actually happened and judge them.

It is a real pity if a person isn't given credit for his work, but we're fans of the good music, so let's just wait and watch what happens.

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:17 AM  

Mani meow is rite!we aren't close to the band know who's telling the truth..

But in the other hand ALY is also rite!maine bhi wo show dekha tha!aur wo controversy se pehle hoa tha.....

WE ALL R CONFUSED!!!!lets see in the future!What would happen!!!!

In the mean time we must thank Adarsh for his hard work!

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:17 AM  

ALY i even saw tht program and i think if im not wrong tht program wud be max. 6 months old and omer nadeem songs were available on net since one year......!!!!

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

ok u wil saw this prog but m not agree with u bec omer nadeem's omer nadeem kab site's par daay deyaah song jab mustafa zahid nay yah song singing kiaa tabhi nazar aa rahaa hay omer nadeem iss say pahlay kahaan thaa yah meraa matlab yah nahi k omer nadeem nay yah song chori kiaa hay yahaan par sab keh rahay hayn k musti nay song teaser gayaa hay har band teaser hee launch kartaa hay app ko yah tu maloom hoogaa sab keh rahay hayn k musti nay pooraa nahi gayaa omer nadeem nay gayaa hay wo pooraa kiasay gaay gaa album lauch karnay say pehlay teaser hee ataa hay aksar ok buddy joo musti ko ghalat keh rahay hayn un sab ko pataa chal jaaey gaa ok don't worry

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

@USmAN .???"omer nadeem songs were available on net since one year......!!!!"

ExCuSE mE pER AgAR OmER nADEEm kA wALa aPrIl kAY irD gIrD reCOrd huA hAY to IK YeAR sAY kAIsaY nET per MIl raha haY u kO ??????

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

guys ok i accept tht im wrong....but just tell me kya THE MUSIK channel jo usko itni coverage de raha hai aur even mtv vj's said in a program abt thm.....agg kay shows mein bhi log calls kar kay keh rahay hain + court nay usse copyrites diye hain meine ager roxen was rite toh woh itnay bhi halkay nahi kay apna song itnay araam se chor dein.......aur aik baat keh omer nadeem nay studio mein baad mein record kiya hai lekin uskay home recordings walay 6 ganay online websites per mil rahay hain since past 1 yr........usnay claim roxen kay teaser kay anay kay baad isliye kiya coz jab koi chori karta hai tabhi usper ilzaam lagaya jaye ga na keh pehlay hi shor machana shuru kardein keh yeh chori karnay wala hai as usko pata hi nahi tha keh roxen uska gana apni album mein dalnay wala guys just think abt both sides yeh nahi keh aik side ki baat sun kar aplog trust karnay lago..........ager itna hi roxen theek tha toh bagair kisi dar kay apni album nikalta....????y they dint released there album as musti also said keh hamari album release honay wali thi.............neways aplog ki marzi mein toh kisi per andha trust nahi karta ALLAH dekh raha hai + court nay omer nadeem ko sahi karar diya hai aur usko sab media support kar raha hai so i dont think so keh ab koi baat rehti hai ismein chupi hui.....!!!!

if still roxen sahi hai toh y dont they file there case again???y they r not coming on media and clearing it????

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

listen usman u r ryt dude par just thnk abt it roxen apni alum sirf is bande ki wajah se nikaal nahin pa raha hai listen yaar atif goher controversy hoi kia hoa kia aaj tak logoon ko sahi se pata chala k who won the court case NO yaar copy rights waghera aise hi mil jaate hain wht do u thnk atif ya goher mein se kise ko to ban ya saza milni chaiye thi na par kia mili nahin...!umer ka bhi yehi hai yaar m a die heart roxen fan i vll support roxen nd i knw roxen vll com out 1 day with the truth its just tht ths guy is jst keepng them delayin their album just let the album come out once with this song then u vll see umer cryingg....!

Anonymous,  September 25, 2008 at 11:20 AM  

Roxen & ONadeem... both made mistakes
Both were supposed to be careful and settle the issue without bringing it to the lime light...

u see... for media, its just business... apart from right or wrong... media is always on hunt for something anything to create a sizzle...
And I believe there's something in ONadeem's claim, all he says can't be a complete lie.

If he helped them very very little on Roxen-e-Dewar, Roxen were supposed to mention him... Just a few lines for introduction, somewhere inside the album's cover... if not photo...

Whatever we say its a sad fact that, the hurt and damage done to Roxen's image can't be undone.

Still I and many of us believe Roxen is a band of champs... and they'll be back with another bang...

Anonymous,  February 4, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

omer you are a gret boy and your song is very guddil ka diya and i beleive that roxen nay tomhara gana choriya ha banchod ha bohat bara roxen gandu roxen or mustafa zahid

Anonymous,  February 25, 2009 at 10:59 PM  

umer u r gr8.... musti tu shakal say he choor lagta hae... live profomance itni gandi hoti inki aaaaaaakhhhhhh

Anonymous,  February 25, 2009 at 11:00 PM  

wak a he roxen sucks at live proformance....

Anonymous,  January 1, 2013 at 9:41 AM  

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