Music is one thing that does not affect economy or vice versa you can say that economy does not make any change in the world of a music lover. I know people who just do not care about money when it comes to music. I can still remember the price of concert tickets when Bryan Adams came to India first time. At that time ticket was very much cheaper than that of last concert. But still fans and music lovers are attending them in huge number. I am one of them.


Well you guys must be thinking that why i am talking about economy this time? Well it is because that today i watched the promo of the movie I.O.U.S.A.. This movie is based on the economy and debt and having a nice cast in the movie with some big names. I am really bad in the subject like economy and finance as i am an engineering student. But the concept of this movie made me think about it. And like always i related that with the music. But if you are the person who is having interest in economy then you have a nice to watch this movie. I.O.U.S.A. is going to come in theaters on 21st august, just for one night. So you must not miss the chance to watch this movie.

So watch this movie and i would like to share your views on this as it will also help me to think beyond music ;-) .


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