SUMMER JAM 2008 : Concert Review

Few days before i made a post about the SUMMER JAM 2008 in which few big names of Pakistani music industry like AKASH THE BAND, MIZAMAAR, TALAB, GUNAAH etc. performed and i got the whole detail of that concert. So i am sharing that with you. Hope that soon i will get the video of that concert also. HASSAN of GUNAAH promiced me that the moment he will get the video, he will share that with me.......Well for now here is the details of the SUMMER JAM 2008.

Putting up a good rock show is a tough job. But when the line-up features quality bands like Mizmaar and Akash alongside talented underground acts such as Gunaah, Soul Touch and Talab, the evening is supposed to be a musical extravaganza.
The concert was organized by a growing event management company at a local club. Thankfully, the arrangements were made in an auditorium which was a sigh of relief for the audience and the musicians as summer is in full swing these days. The crowd at the gig mainly consisted of zealous youngsters who were ready for some serious head banging coming their way.

The evening got underway with the performance of a rising band, Talab. The band had a brief stint on stage but they managed to arouse the crowd. Their opening number was a Him cover, Wicked Games, followed by an impressive recital of Sajjad Ali's Bolo Bolo.
Soul Touch:
The second act, Soul Touch, featured a female vocalist, Ghazal, who had a very sultry voice, and Yaseen. They started the proceedings with an Eagles cover, Hotel California, which pumped up the energy amongst the audience. However, the band sedated the scene with an excellent cover rendition of Roxen's Tera Mera Rishta.

Gunaah is an upcoming band that is witnessed performing widely on the local circuit. It features Hassan (vocals), Bilal (rhythms), Zain (lead guitars), Yasir (bass) and Qumber (drums). The boys possess all the rudimentary elements that a band requires to make it to the mainstream circuit. Their gig kicked off with a cover of Neil Young’s evergreen number Keep Rocking In The Free where vocalist Hassan was in top form. A serene Noori cover, Dobara Phir Se was performed next to perfection with finesse. The highlight of Gunaah's gig was their original number, Sard Raatein, which aroused and received plaudits from the attendees. The funky cover of Mauj’s Pehliyan was also an exuberant rendition while Ali Azmat's Neend Ati Nahin brought their gig to a halt. In my view, Gunaah was arguably the best amongst the other underground acts.

After back to back underground acts, it was time for the mainstream bands to show their mettle and first one to do so was Lahore based rock band, Akash. They blasted off their gig with a cover of Ali Azmat's cover Neend Ati Nahin followed by their somber number, Ji Liya. Sam is a rousing live performer and was simply immaculate on this one. Then arrived my favourite part in any Akash gig - Junoon's medley. Sam received massive applause on the track as he launched into another crowd pleaser, Armaan. Akash ended their gig was a pure rock’n’roll treat, Da Teen Char Song.

The main act of the concert was pop rock band, Mizmaar. The band squandered no time in igniting the show with their signature opening number, Pal. I especially love Kashan's miraculous extended guitar solo on the track that spreads the message of living life to the fullest and for the moment. A rambunctious rock version of Dil Ki Tarah wooed the crowd on their toes and some of the zealots began head banging.
Daniyal then got off the stage on Bon Jovi's cover It’s My Life which was an epitome of the original track. Sajna was another faultless rock performance that flabbergasted the crowd while their hit track, Sitara, ended the evening on a high note and proved Mizmaar's image as a compelling band.




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