Female Producer/Singer/Songwriter Kiran Zamman hails from the depths of Nottingham. With an ear for perfection and thirst for always finding a newer and newer sound, Kiran’s music can be described as a somewhat cross between that thing you can’t quite put your finger on and a pot of musical knickerbocker glory!

Music is at the very core of Kiran’s heart. With influences which array from R’n’B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock to Electro the list goes on, you’ll quickly hear how many musical genres Kiran plays with and how her experimentation has no boundaries. But funnily enough Kiran claims that music is actually the closest thing to silence for her, so with that peace and serenity she has whilst creating her beats, it’s no wonder that making music is the most natural thing on earth to her! Self taught on a number of instruments like the guitar and piano plus many more Kiran states:

”I’m really lucky in that I am able to pick up any instrument and play” (Kiran Zamman)

Impressive for a young Asian lass right?! Right now Kiran is in the process of finishing off her debut album, an album which is very close to her heart. This will set the standard for how Kiran will be perceived as a producer and artist. So with that in mind Kiran is working exceptionally hard to ensure this album is a stinger.

Keep creating that FIRE! The world ain't ready for your Album!!!!!!!!!! (Kidd Fresh, Desi Hits)

Kiran is not only flying high in the studio, but alongside her has an eclectic mob of talented gentlemen who too hail from the forests within Nottingham. Band members are Paul Dawn on guitar, Matt Sunderland on Drums and Jim Acons on bass, with Kiran on vocals, guitar and keys. With them all bringing a fresh touch to their live sound, hearing Kiran on CD but then live will be two worlds apart yet so close together. With the love they all share for being on stage and performing with instruments, this colourful bunch named “The Spectres” alongside Kiran Zamman, will for sure show what a unique riot is about to occur.

Having begun her musical voyage at the juvenile age of 13, a teenager and surrounded by music thanks to her father, it wasn’t long before she knew music was going to be her life. Kiran instantly took to the likes of “Roy Orbison", "The Supremes” and even more surprisingly "Dolly Parton". Kiran has since blossomed into a fully blown music producer with her own edge and take on what music is. With her love for energetic synths and any instrument she can get her hands on, don’t be surprised of the types of sounds that may crop up in Kiran’s music. Fed up of the lack of predominant female producers in the industry, Kiran has taken it upon herself to set a platform and reach for the stars as a female producer.

So WHY have we not heard of Kiran if she has been doing this for years we hear you scream! Well have you ever heard the phrase patience is a Virtue? Of course you would have, it’s all about quality not quantity with this girl and as much as she may be a tortoise in this industry race at the moment whilst being locked away in the studio, the time is coming where she will be ready to hit the industry with a storm and show the world what she’s really made of. With a Music technology Bsc under her belt Kiran has also taken the time out to ensure that she has gained the technical knowhow and backing to be able to say yes I know what I’m doing.

Already having had airplay on major Asian Radio stations such as the BBC Asian Network, Club Asia where she was Veena V’s Top Dog, Asian Star and The Desi Hits Desi Mixtape Show to name a few, she is certainly getting attention well before she is even ready to go full throttle and make the noise she wants.

“I’m VERY excited about a young female Vocalist/Composer/Producer – Kiran Zamman. Move over…..this girl has talent!” (Vinay Sharma - Asian Star Radio)

To date Kiran has had the pleasure of working alongside the Norwegian Stunner ‘Deeyah’ (Norway) on a radical project named ‘Sisterhood’, A compilation album stacked full of Asian female artists from around the globe. Kiran wrote, sang and produced a song for this project named ‘I Have A Dream’, a tune strongly based on Racism with reference to Martin Luther King. Deep right?! But Kiran further produced another track for the wonderfully lyrically talented Just1Jam for that album named “Requiem”.

Kiran aspires to go where no female has been fortunate to reach before, yes the stars , but the test is staying there and that’s exactly what she intends to do!

To download here tracks, 'RIGHT CLICK' and 'SAVE TARGET AS' on the given links below. To listen the songs directly click on the blue colour 'PLAY' button.

Kiran-Timbaland LessBass BLfade
BEDARD : Kiran Zamman ( Fetauring OMER)



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