Download SAAGAR - Omer Nadeem ( Unplugged Demo )

Seems like Omer Nadeem is really afraid because of what happened with his track DIL KA DIYA. Roxen copied that track and planning to release it with the name Bujh Hai Gaya. Omer Nadeem is releasing his compositions in unplugged versions and making it clear to other people that these are his tracks and i think by this manner he can save his songs from being copied.

Well the latest song which is out from the belt of Omer Nadeem is SAAGAR. It is a demo version of the song and recorded at home studio but it is simply superb. You can guess that how brilliant this song is going to be in original version.

To download SAAGAR, 'RIGHT CLICK' and 'SAVE TARGET AS' on the given link below

Download SAAGAR - Omer Nadeem ( Unplugged Demo,Home Recording )

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