Happy B'day To OZZY (Black Skull)

Today is the b'day of my buddy Ozzy of BLACK SKULL. So i am just wishing him here.......


Today he also shared a poem with us that he wrote. It is really a nice and senti one. I do not know that how this rock star got the inspiration to write a poem like this?...lolz... Well here is that poem. Hope that, all you guys will like it .

Everytime Everyday
Deep inside some voices ,some thoughts arise
Making me down n down.........
In Sea Of thoughts
There i can see a face
A fairylicious Sketch of Sparky.........!


She hold My hands in Middle of Sea
Her presence Realizes me to see
A Sparky Shiny Butterflee!!

Holding her hands I pray
We`l Remain toghather on the way
Me & Sparky to Land Far Far Away...

Restin My head on her shoulders
It went wet coz of my tears
Jst whispering in her Ears
Jst feelin our Heartbeats!!!!

Reaching the shore i got fade
Sparky with her Spark made..
Spell on me and her Touch!!
She Promised me not to leave in Lurch..!

On my Forhead She kissed
Eyes Closed and I feel Blessed!
Sun got fade coz of her shine!!!
Indeed Shez Ma Lil Miss Sunshine!!

Some days and some nights
Loving Each other& sometimes Fight...
Searching things that wer same
In the End There was No one To Blame!!!!!

Being with her I always cry..
Closing My eyes Indeed i Try!
To stop her To hide her inside!!
Away from this So called World......

`She was Harsh and She Left
Whole night i begged and Wept!
Left My hand Bleeding i Kept!
Forgetting my prescence She Left!!
Every tear she gave is Gift I Wept...
Closing my wet eyes i was getting down...
Deep inside the sea i drowned!!!!!!
Understanding that the fault was my own
Understanding that fault was My own.....

And the latest news is that after their debut instrumental track Curse Of Black Skull, soon their next track is going to come.

Well once again.... HAPPY B'DAY OZZY BRO



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