LAUT AAO By Ei8th Note

Here is brand new band from the Pakistani underground music world 8TH NOTE...

May be their band name sounds weird but in their own words, "We have named it Ei8th Note to indicate that seven is supported to be a very important or lucky number as there are seven layers of earth, seven skies, seven wonders of earth, seven oceans, seven colors of rainbow, seven sisters (stars) and seven notes of music but Ei8th Note is that neglected issue which is no body has ever paid any attention."

So you can expect that these guys will be a bit different than other bands...Their debut track LAUT AAO is out now and here i am giving you the link to download it.

Band Line Up :
Agha Amjad Khan: Lead Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Arham Azhar: Vocals, Lead Guitars
Furqan Ahmed: Bass Guitars
Sajjad Khatri: Rythm Guitars

To download the song 'RIGHT CLICK' and 'SAVE TARGET AS' on the given link below

LAUT AAO - Ei8th Note



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