Message For All The Fans Of KAIN THE BAND

Well few days before the lead singer of KAIN THE BAND,UMAR addressed all his fans in the official community of the band on ORKUT.So here i am putting that message for all of you guys...

well guys im sorry from the bottom of my heart that there havn't been anything new from us lately and we havnt been performing at all after the launch of DAR......The reason for that was k we were more focused on the completion of our album so e could start recording it....and looking for wat would be best as the next vdo .... and the fact that some of the members were very busy because of some personel stuff goin on ....but we have done most of our work and completed the demos of our album and will start recording as soon as waqas and I get free from our papers.....and u guys will surely see uss performing live real soon .....thnk u for being patience.... being a hard rock band you all kno there is not a big audience for us but we need your prayers to make it through....

To join the official community on Orkut ,click here OFFICIAL ORKUT COMMUNITY

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