ALAG THE BAND - Sabse Alag

ALAG (different, unique)

The ***ALAG*** phenomenon began and the band formed in an instant, (Rythem Guitarist/Lead Vocalist) Farhan met Musdassir(lead rythem guitarist) in a random jam in which both were practicing their music, fortunately they felt of making up a band and producing some quality music, before that Farhan was praticing with Umair(Lead guitarist) and Musa ( Bass Guitarist and Mudassir was looking forward to some good musicians,It's the name of the band which was the dream of Muddassir Khan.

Inspired from bands like Hoobastank, Metallica and Nickleback, Muddassir and Farhan wanted to bring a change in the present musical scene of Pakistan,After completing the first track Muddassir offered a Dj named Umair a.k.a AJ, who was his net friend, to make a remix version of their debut track ALAG. He has already made many remixes for underground bands like IRTAASH, KAFFAS, MAX PROJECT and many others. Muddassir really loved the work and wanted him to become a part of the ALAG team. Muddassir admired his work. He accepted the proposal to join ALAG as the DJ and composer of the band.

And now together they are *Alag The Band*.

To download thier debut song 'RIGHT CLICK' and 'SAVE TARGET AS' on the links given




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