Rhythm X the Band Hits With Their Dilberian

Pakistani Industry produced some great music bands in the past and Rhythm X falls in the category that cannot be neglected. The talented band, Rhythm X featuring 3 young artists, M.C Clay, Irfan Khalid and DJ Asim. Their debut album Dilberian features nice music with powerful voice and great lyrics.You can download the Pakistani bands songs below. Spread the world and promote new Pakistani bands.


Rhythm X - Xindagi(Solo)             
Rhythm X - Dilberian                    
Rhythm X - Dekha Na Tha             
Rhythm X - Mast(RX Version)                                    
Rhythm X - Shaam Dhallay           
Rhythm X - Dil Se Dil                     
Rhythm X - Mast(Feat Annie)     
Rhythm X - Jhoomay Zindagi      
Rhythm X - I m Lost                      
Rhythm X - Ni Aja Aja                  
Rhythm X - Dekho Na Aisay           
Rhythm X - Honton Ki Haasi 

 Rhythm X - Xindagi(House Mix)                                                                              

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